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  1. Make : JEEP WRANGLER Transmission : Kilometres : 230000 Price : $10,000 Condition : Used For sale or swap is a 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ. Mods include: 2" OME lift 33" Baja MTZ Slip yoke eliminator HD steering OME steering stabilizer Custom front bar Blackjack welding rear bar Custom tyre carrier Aftermarket sound system UHF My phone number is 0447579437, text messages are preferred.
  2. Black s13 with green wheels

    FML i thought it was just edited but if I look closer your right. Is it based on a real bodykit?
  3. Black s13 with green wheels

    Took me about 2 hours but i found it:
  4. sr20 wtf..

    Not really a jeep. Tub looks completely custom as does the bonnet. Looks like the only part of the jeep is the grill and maybe the windscreen. Some of the chassis looks to be a jeep but most of it isnt. What a waste of both a jeep and a sr20 though.
  5. Black s13 with green wheels

    No it has a really low body kit on it, not a onevia, has a wing and is like a photo shoot. i think its in the s13 picture thread but i cant find it. I have a phone pic off the computr screen but i cant post it. Its got a scoop looking thing on the hood a roof wing a rear wing.Its on a black and white background and the wheels look kinda anodized green. Body kits really low to the ground only a fewinches off. 6 spoke rims. Dont think i can narrow it down much more. Thnaks for your help.
  6. Hey. Saw a picture on here of a black S13 with green wheels and it looked amazing. Cannot find the picture anymore. Could anyone post it up for me? Thanks.
  7. S13 research

    Ok I wont bother.
  8. S13 research

    As long as it lasts me 3 years I dont care. If it does carks it though I'll just run the SR and keep it nice and quiet. As long as I keep it neat and make the engine look stock theyll never know. Id rather not do it but if it comes to that I will
  9. S13 research

    There is some complicated law that it cant change more than a third of the travel except most of what ive found on 4wding forum says that every person you talk to has a different interpretation.
  10. S13 research

    Im not sure wether the spares stroked or not but we have 2 garrets to go with it and many upgraded parts. We have all the equipment to do the swap ourselves and are currently halfway through doing it in my brothers cressida (some idiot drove into him so new chassis). Im thinking since I will be replacing the entire engine anyway it would be cheapest to just start with a crap engine and put up with that for a while. Im not doing it on my Ps I dont want to deal with that. Ive learnt from my brothers mistake and he got done and had to go to court. Got away with it but still a pain. Thanks.
  11. S13 research

    Ill be sure to heed that advice boostin. The good thing is I dont actually need it running. I have my jeep so I can always have one off the road if I need to. I know what I'm getting into fixing up a car. Its a lot of work but it pays off with the money saved. Long story short I get resonably cheap panels and next to free paint as well as free spray painting labour. From what I've read a engine conversion to a engine which was a factory option does not need to be inspected, vicroads just needs to be notified. Not positive on this but I am pretty sure thats what it said. I ended up looking the rules up regarding suspension. It is 100mm to the lowest point of the car. I'm fine with a manual just would rather an auto for daily driver. Guess I'll get the manual though. Thanks for your help.
  12. S13 research

    Yer I looked it up and same here. Handlings very important to me. I've been driving dads car and its a sports car and its just great to drive. I guess ill lower it to 100mm and get some nice stiff sway bars and new shocks etc. Thanks.
  13. S13 research

    Ill talk to dad and see fi I can get a loan. I was planning on keeping it legal so I'd just drop it to the lowest height I can and leave it there. At least then even if they do harrass me I can tell them its legal and I wasnt doing anything wrong. Any idea what heights legal? Thanks.
  14. S13 research

    Oh that makes more sense then. If worse comes to worse half cut s13s arent too expensive. Are you sure I cant do suspension mods? I know lifting a 4wd is legal even on your Ps so I cant see why lowering within the laws is illegal. Is it just Qld maybe because i've heard they are much stricter there. Would you take $3500 for it mate? Not even sure if I can afford that but I definately cant afford $4500. Thanks.
  15. S13 research

    I have just found a CA18DE auto with a damaged side (as long as the damage isnt to bad I can get it fixed for next to nothing). Is there any issues with the auto or do you just prefer manuals? Honestly for my daily driver with not a lot of power I'd rather an auto. As long as you dot have stockies on the back and dont do osmething stupid the cops generally arent to bad here. My brother drove a 1JZ turbo Cressida for ages on his Ps and only got caught when the idiot did a burnout in front of a cop he didnt see. I'd much rather keep the car legal so even if they do harass me I can politely tell them to stick it. As for the engine conversion, in this case, I cant really see it getting out of hand. Theres really not much I can do it that hasnt already been done. I need a computer, a pipe and a gearbox. With the boost wound up it was pushing ~200kw through a albins gearbox and 35s so with such a lightweight car and everything even with the boost much lower and tuned much more reliably it would still be over 200rwkw. And the best part is because it is a factory option engine it doesnt need engineering or anything. I think wether I go a CA18 or a SR20 the plan would be to redo suspension (legally), some nice mags and tyres and a body kit. Then when I'm off my Ps drop the worked SR20 in with a new ECU and a manual gearbox. If I get a motech I even have the wiring loom and everything done. I dont think I'd bother deturboing it I did some research and its a pain. Dam coilover laws. Thought it might be different for street cars. Seems the same law for adjustable control arms to. I more meant what rim and tyre sizes can you fit legally. Too used to 15x8 steelies and measuring in inches. You kinda said to buy either an SR or a CA. Would you recomend just buying either? This CA18DE auto is a really good deal for me since I can probably get it for just over $1000 and all it need is a few new panels and I work part time at a smash repairs. I can probably fix it for less than $1000. Is there any real differences in them other than slight wiring differences and a different bell housing? Would it be any easier to do a conversion on the SR than the CA when I'm planning on a new computer anyway? I have been doing research: http://www.nissansil...howtopic=245047 Seems to me pretty straight forward swap. The only thing I can see me not needing if I buy a turbo one later is the bellhousing. Ill still need an ECU, better radiator/intercooler and a new pipe and it would mean I'd have to start again from scratch with suspension and everything. Thats a very nice car but the problem is its in Adelaide. The other thing is cars seem more expensive here in vic from what I've seen. Thanks for your help. EDIT. Missed the above post. Im not positive wether it is stroked or not. We recently blew it up (not an unreliable motor just basically sitting on the limiter breathing dust and was tuned slightly too lean for the race) and I know the engine we have is stroked and the spares are not but I'm not entirely sure what needs replacing in it. I think it might be a SR20DET though that I will get. I have no idea what needs to be upgraded on the car as far as brakes and everything go but I know exactly what the SR22DET feels like to drive. I went from a go kart to driving with it. Also I would tune it much lower than what it is currently at for reliability reasons. We also do have a bit of experience around SR20s but not silvias. Im not just going to drop it in and think its going to work fine. I am doing research. I always do heaps of research before putting money into anything. I realize I know next to nothing about this and that I need to know a lot more before even buying one. EDIT2: http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?Cr=0&R=11107624&keywords=&trecs=38&__sid=132B76D1B66C&__Ns=pCar_PriceSort_Decimal|0||pCar_RankSort_Int32|1||pCar_Make_String|0||pCar_Model_String|0&__Qpb=1&tsrc=allcarhome&__Nne=15&seot=1&__N=1216 1246 1247 1252 1282 4294963846 4294966407 903&silo=1011 How much would it cost to get it roadworthied at a guess? Seems like not to much to fix. Thanks again.