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  1. haltech ecu display

    Your too right, sorry I did overlook the fact that it's got the elite. damn no stealthy option available
  2. haltech ecu display

    Hence why it won't work. I dont know if thats across the board or just for s15's because the subbie in the video has got a haltech and it connected with OBDII anyway of getting around it?
  3. Hi guys, I just came across a video( ) where an OBDII wifi module was hooked up to a subbie with a Haltech ECU in it to view the data on his iphone. I've been doing a bit of research to see if it'll work with my S15(which has got a Haltech) and the general consensus I got was that it doesn't work with aftermarket ECU's on s15's. Apparently S15's use consult-II(I don't have my car here so I can't check) as apposed to OBDII and even with an adapter they still don't work. Can anyone confirm all of this and anyone know of any ways of hooking up data display other then the IQ3?
  4. nistune problem

    Found out why the car wasn't starting, it was the nistune. So I've scrapped that and now using a Haltech plug in pro
  5. nistune problem

    this is what i was looking for, just some sort of confirmation that it should run, spoke with powertune, said the same thing. its booked in to get it tuned. fuel pump's making its usual noise, disconnect the line, definitely got fuel. i havnt check the connector, its one of the checks i'll have to do over the weekend. ye bought it off a mate, fitted the JDM ECU to my ADM S15 myself, ive done the pin relocation and the CAS wire swap. he had all the mods practically the same as mine. I just would have liked to save on the tow bill to the tuner and plus i need to top up oil and coolant since i've changed oil and flushed the cooling system. last thing i want is for it to overheat on the dyno.
  6. nistune problem

    cranks but no start
  7. nistune problem

    i just wasnt sure if it was suppose to start considering the nistune has been tuned in the past to suit my injectors, turbo and the afm so i thought it would of kept all the settings. i guess i'll have to tow it down to powertune.
  8. nistune problem

    Hey guys over the weekend i decided to throw the injectors, z32 afm and the nistune in the car and now it wont start, i know it not suppose to start because of the nistune being unable to recognise the z32 afm but this nistune has been tuned in the past to suit all the mods i've basically done to my car including the z32 so it should recognise it?? dont get me wrong i will still get it tuned but before i do that i would have liked it running to check a few other things. anyone able to enlighten me on this situation? bare in mind the nistune's been sitting around for a couple of years, do they reset themselves?
  9. hey guys, i just bought some second hand new HSD coilovers and i noticed the front coilover camber tops(pillow ball) wont rotate at all. Is it just like that cause its new? or are they rooted?
  10. injectors too big for setup?

    thanks for the reassurance guys.. much appreciated
  11. injectors too big for setup?

    not drilled, they're Detschwerks 810cc injectors
  12. injectors too big for setup?

    im sure ive read somewhere nistunes supporting 1000cc injectors so im assuming the 810s should be alright.
  13. Hey Guys, Ive done a search and cannot find the help i need so im hoping you guys are kind enough to give me the information i need. Ive recently purchased a bunch of parts off a mate with an S15 which I want to eventually put on my S15, my question is: are the 810cc injectors i purchased too big for the set up i want( my setup will be: 3 inch turbo back, front mount, electronic boost controller, nistune, z32 afm, fuel pump, stock t28 bush bearing turbo). i was talking to another mate of mine who told me the injectors are too big, hence why im asking about this. my setup will be: 3 inch turbo back, front mount, electronic boost controller, nistune, z32 afm, 300l/h fuel pump. thanks in advance
  14. just saying hi

    hey guys new to the forum.. i just bought a completely stock blue spec R s15 adm. love it and keen to get it sideways