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  1. 180sx Rack and Pinion

    Heres my car after the prang
  2. 180sx Rack and Pinion

    Great! So i need to get some locking collars for the sub frame. are sway bars easier to fit than coilovers?? cause i did that myself and that was a MISSION! not complicated, just a MISSION!! appreciate the advice! this site is so friendly, spewin i hadnt gotten onto it earlier!!
  3. 180sx Rack and Pinion

    Thats true, they did take me in and show me the shaft moving in and out of the boot in a kind of circular motion when at full lock. I just wanted to see if this is a major deal or not. But.....they wanted me to replace all my bushes, my rear cross frame or something, i think the control arms too and other stuff on top of the rack before they would give me swaybars front + rear. OUCH
  4. 180sx Rack and Pinion

    Thanks for the tip! I might get my mechanic to have a look. Ive got a leaking gasket on the intake aswell, apparently they didnt machine the face last time they replaced it. plus some other stuff (bushes, knock sensor, etc) . I think the most annoying problem is the knock sensor is busted so when im cruising along feathering on the throttle it coughs and splutters. which could be a number of things i guess, not just the knock sensor lol. Thanks again mate!!
  5. 180sx Rack and Pinion

    Nuff said alright! Should i just go to any old suspension/powersteering place??? Im on the Gold Coast if you know of anywhere?? Thanks for the help!
  6. Hey there, I'm a noob so I'm not too sure how this works, but im posting this anyway . About 15 months ago i pranged my 180 into the back of a Range Rover Sport (long story, but the guy didn't care - WOO!) and i haven't had money to fix it so I've let my car sit for ages. The damage wasn't all that bad, and my girlfriend and I are going to get it up and running again cause we miss it and need more than one car lol. Before I ignorantly bumped this Rangie at the lights, I had been to Pedders to suss out a bit of a sway bar set up (only because they had a payment plan available). When they did the whole safety check thing they said there was a bit of work to be done first (of course), the main thing being that the rack was 'plunging'. I just wanted to ask you guys/gals on here what your thoughts were and if a plunging steering rack is really as bad as it sounds? Its just one of the many things that need to be fixed, so if your interested in giving me some advice i would LOOOOOVE to hear from you, the more advice the better! Im just a dude with a 180 and not alot of money like the rest of us lol. And i love my car hopefully this works!!! thanks everyone or anyone!