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  1. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    lol yeah yours is low as ! have you driven on melbourne streets yet ?
  2. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    this ones pretty low
  3. 2002 Audi Rs4 - $700

    Make : AUDI RS4 Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 1234 Price : $700 Condition : Used s15 tien ha coilovers in very good conditon. dont need it anymore because i sold the car $700 firm pick up from melb
  4. Metal

    How strong is Cold forged scm 435 meterial. I was looking at the project kics style wheel nuts and the seller says this is really strong and won't break. I know nothing about different metals so any opinion would be great. Thanks
  5. mx83 HELP!

    getting it for a good price so thats the only reason. lol so anyone have any idea ?
  6. mx83 HELP!

    hey guys, i got a mx83 with a 7mge and i wanna put a 7mgte in it. the problem is, mx83 never came with a 7mgte in it so would i need to get a engeneering certificate to make it legal? so anyone with knowledge of this please hit me up. thanks
  7. oil volume

    And after starting the car give it about 5 min. When you start the car, the oil shots up so you will get a false reading. Also don't check it like 50 times because you pull the oil up the dip stick and you won't get a proper reading
  8. Boost controller

    I was just worried it was fried. But if other people are getting it to, it should be ok. Thanks guya
  9. Boost controller

    Hrmm could mine be stuffed? It still boost and works fine. Just loud ticking
  10. Boost controller

    My zorst isn't that loud. I turned up the duty cycle so it hits 1 bar and it ticks like crazy!
  11. Boost controller

    Lol ok will try that. Thanka
  12. Boost controller

    I had a profec b in my type x and it never ticked. Thought my boost solonoid was f**ked Thanks
  13. Just recently installed a avcr in my s15 and when I go over 2psi the boost solonoid starts ticking. Is this normal? How can I fix it? Thanks
  14. DIgital climate Control

    I got plugs if you need them. Came out of my type x. $50 for te plugs
  15. Cheapest place for BC/HSD?

    I think japwarehouse had bc's for a good price