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  1. made 222,2 kw at the rear wheels from rajab racing running 18psi on the tomei turbo set up and previous mods very good for street and happy with it
  2. i got the bar from a mates mate. the wheels are tuff i agree and update is off to paint shop soon for new look but first just getting its and bits out the way get a last dyno tune to do the finish i want to head out to the jdm meets. i hear its gotten big. Also i may ad i do prefer the old one to but what can i do shit happens . But i got everything off the white one but doing a better look then the white one
  3. hey guys i tryed the fuel filter and still the same shit.. i dont understand how it could be the fuel pump when it only does it the mornings? if it did it all day round it might make sensee... ive been thinking it could be the injectors leaking and causeing the inlet manifold to flood? that would explain why is just keeps cranking because its trying to burn the fuel allready in there.. what do you guys think?
  4. hey guys i tryed the fuel filter and its still doing the same shit.. i dont understand how it could be the fuel pump if it only does it over night... im thinking the injectors could be leaking and cause the inlet manifold to flood and that could explains why it just keeps cranking?
  5. are you guys talking about the fuel filter in the engine bay? or is there another one? its cheap so might as well try it..
  6. hey guys recently bought a s13 sr20de but it struggles to start in the morning. first of the engine has 199xxx km's on it and its also an automatic. so the problem is. when the car is left overnight, in the morning when going to start the car it struggles it takes a fair few cranks to get it to start and when it does eventualy start it idels low for a good 10-15 seconds. in doing research about the problem i left the car to a mechanic and he changed a few things. - afm - tps - temperature sensor - ecu - put better quality spark plugs - looked over all the vacuum lines for leaks, none were found after all these changes the car goes alot better but still struggles to start once left over night! ive also unpluged the afm and started the car, it started but did not rev over 3k which from the research ive done rules out mechanical damage. if any one has any information about this problem or has had this problem before please! let me no because its doing my f*cking head in. thank you in advance.
  7. the new engine look and reborn of the aero kit
  8. thanks man there 3 piece 16x8.5 +11 sample of one of the pipes getting polished
  9. thanks boys ye the ride is coming along good just getting the lobster bends happening on the cooler pipes because i like that look still gotta get more wheels in the big gabs and a straight line on the straight pipes and mirror polish and rocker cover might get polished to . and original aero bar and side skirts is all preped up ready to go on getting sprayed white again blues nice but i need my white jdms13 back.
  10. spraying it the audi tt white . & and the photo hasnt been updated . i slapped bigger and fat tires on it
  11. thanks bro yer i no . but i guess its in the past and a new is reborn if you dont give up on it . this is gona look the same but better with the money flowing on to it
  12. motor is back in, old skool shoes on the ride bbs meshies 3 piece & new accessories and at the moment getting lobster cooler pipes made and re dyno on this weekend aero kit will be back on soon as it gets resprayed white i put bigger tyres on it to raise it up new photos will be uploaded soon but im getting there
  13. 18x9.5 gold KOYO drift teks with center caps and tyres for sale 1300