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  1. tein colovers

    lol set of coilovers for sale
  2. have a s13 silvia with a set off coilovers on it came with them pulled the wheels off and it had wheel spacers tried to bolt a new set of wheels on that came off my mates siliva and they scrub on the coilovers , im thinking they are the wrong coliovers for the car because its the second set that didnt fit ? any sugestions
  3. ive had a few rb20det silvia engineered and in qld it only costs $65 and you dont need to upgrade your brakes if it was originally a k's car front and back brakes need to be vented and thats fine. they should pass it with a pod filter. just5 make sure all the wiring is tidy and everything is secure
  4. keen for one also pm me all the payment details etc cheers ben
  5. rb20 det sil

    hey dude if the car is none turbo or is a ca18det then it would be worth converting to rb20 for sure . if you do the conversion yourself allow 3000 and that will get you all the parts along with new pkugs belts hoses that kinda stuff but if you where really on a budget the you could probabley do it for around 2200.
  6. wont start

    hey guys thanx for all your replys. yeah the fuel pump is working and the engine is getting fuel , the car cranks over but just wont fire . ive tested the ignitor pack and no power is gettin to it at all . (fester) i was thinking it was a rellay also do you guys think it would be the ignition coil relay. cheers #520
  7. wont start

    ANybody ??????????
  8. hey guys my car has just decided not to start after its been runing so well. its a rb20det silvia . now ive tested everything and i definatley know its spark the coil packs arnt getting power and either is the little box wich all the coil pack wires go into at the back of the engine. does any one know what makes these wires power up , they r called ign signal power transistors and on the rb20 and the ca18 they r pin 1 , 2 , 3 , 11 , 12 and 13 . cheers #520
  9. what turbo is this

    come on guys some one help me
  10. hey guys brought a turbo today for cheap it suposabley a t28 but i wouldnt have a clue . all it has write on it is : on the exhaust side it says ar .49 and then under that it looks like it says m3 then over to the side a bit it has 9.21 and on the other side of the turbo it has garret ar .48 kit and it has m24 up the top does anybody have a idea wat turbo this is ??
  11. my engine conversion has costed me around 3 grand 2200 for a 5 speed cut out of a gtst r32 could have gotten it cheaper but this one has 3 months waranty and the others didnt. 110 for manual tail shaft out of a 180sx pedals 60 iridium plugs 90 oils and coolant 150 its decent stuff before some 1 says thats a bit dear 110 for timing belt and a few other water hoses made it upto around 3 grand sxn180 as soon as you finish your wiring articale could you email me a copy because my articale is just about finished and i wanna post it up sometime next week and i just wanna read through yours to see if youy did it similar to mine. my email is k43_@hotmail.com i have pictures of the conversion if any one needs any p.m me cheers #520
  12. Hey every one i started my current silvia conversion last week and ive been writeing everything down on paper step by step im hoping to write a how to article on the conversion in about a week or so wen its completed. now im lloking for people on this forum that have done the conversion to help chip in with some info ? like as in some tricks of the trade . if any one can help out can they p.m me with all the info they have got. cheers #520 maybe i should write the article first and then post it and if any one has any quicker or easier methods they could p.m me. sorrry for the edit im all hyped up and wasnt thinkin wen i first wrote the top bit
  13. Fully Synthetic Engine Oil?

    motul turbolight 4100 10w-40w is suposed to be the gun stuff at the moment.

    it definatley revs alot less in overdrive and is a hell of alot quieter then been in drive and uses way less fuel i dont know wat some of u guys r trippin on........

    i leave od on alll the time it uses way less fuel and puts less strain on the car and also alot more quiet . and every 1 is sayin drivin around the streets with it on isnt so good but od doesnt actually come on until ur doin ova 60 #520