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    drifting and motox + O.N.H.U. our neighbours hate us
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  1. drift school

    not this week end but next i think its drift practice at lala 4th july
  2. hey every one im wondering which sr20 motor is best for my s13 sr red top or black top i read in a hpi magazine that the red top has more flow in the head but what usually takes the most thrashings i know they all take a bit as long as u keep fresh oil and water in them but you may have had past experiences with one out performing the other if any one could help me out with this one that would be great cheers. steve
  3. TOYO R1R's and Proxes 4's

    hey how u goin corpral for the fronts if i put a 195 tyre on s15 stockys instead of 205 to have a strech wall would that have more grip or is 205 the way to go on that size rim ?
  4. Budgeting for Drifting

    i think getting a stock car putting the basics necesitys on it and having a bit of fun at first before going all out and spending the big dollars on drifting and make shure every thing you buy for your car is well thought about so your not wasting money on mods that wont really help you out much wen i bought my first car wich was a s13 with an sr20 de in it i spent roughly $14500 and its still non turbo because i didnt think about it enough i put a brass button drift clutch behind a non turbo motor the only thing that did for me was kill gearboxes you should think about everything carefully first so u dont waste money like i did
  5. beginner

    i know at mallala its around 120 for everything that includes your cams daylicence and entry fee
  6. drift school

    sorry about that 1 mallala
  7. drift school

    i might not know how to spell the best but atleast im not an ass & i didnt say any thing to offend u did i so y attack me
  8. Drift Wasteland thread

    fuuk yea i went to a comp wen i went back 2 c rellies n they r getting like 200k entries they r building a purpouse built drift track over there soon that will b mean as
  9. drift school

    how good was the drifts today i recon it was mean as it was good wen it raind a bit coz u could learn the track in wet and dry conditions i know i learnt a bit today all the guys down there are verry help full if any of yas r reading this cheers guys
  10. I want more steering lock... how do i get it?

    i cant remember where i heard this not shure if its true but i heard that a ca rack gives you more lock than sr no idea y they wud b diferent but u never know with nissan they even have 3 diferent types of plugs for the electric side mirrors on the silvia's so u never kno thay might have changed that 2