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  1. S13 Vertex full bodykit please $600 + delivery = how much? all together to deliver to brisbane qld 4101. add me on msn if u can o0_0o_00_o00@hotmail.com if u can do it ill buy it
  2. hey guys if any 1 cud help it wud be HEAPS helpfull i got a nissian silvia s13 and it is real slow in 1st gear. will rev slowly like slower then any other car. its lacking speed...i cant feel 119kw or around that at all. i tryed the exuast its perfect tryed cheaning inside the pod changing the pod cleaning up n everything just not sure why its lacking in speed and 1s it hits around 3000 rev's it yells the car is like real loud..i got a tip not full exuast and stock pod box i dont know why if u can helop thanks
  3. isnt there any cheaper way. i am lookin at $1000 for full bodykit alone here in brisbane . how much with out front fenders and how much is postage 4101 postcode
  4. hey man i called u u gave me ur email. i sent u a message of what i waned the full bodykit s13 and fender front side's u didnt get back 2 me so i thought id message here for u. im lookin at it delivered to brisbane QLD. i can pay a deposit no problem. please get back to me soon