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  1. Thanks mate I have spoken to origin sent them a pic it's not them anyone else?
  2. As above what brand are the rear guards on the s15 please help. Thanks dave
  3. Help me please... trying to find someone in Tasmania to fit my widebody kit and mould it in for me. Or I'll have to send it to the mainland to be done and I don't really want that. Thanks for reading and helping out if you can cheers dave
  4. Hey guys and girls, I'm helping my brother in-law out with a car, bike and model show at Eskleigh home in Perth to raise funds for Eskleigh residents. Last year over 100 cars turned out and over 7,000 dollars was rasied for Eskleigh. This year we hope it to be bigger and better than ever. The day will include cars, bikes and toy models and also food and drink stands. Trophies for a variety of categories will be presented on the day. Name: Vehicle Details: Make: Model: Year: Reg. No: Free entry for those entering their car in the car show; this will include car, driver and one passenger. Additional passenger fees/gate fees below: Adults $10 Between 10-18 $5 Under 10 free Hoping to get more imports this year. I'll be there with my s15 to support this worthy cause. Entries before 9th of January 2013 Please pm if your interested or post on this page. Thanks for reading, Dave.
  5. help me work out full boost

    It's got rb25 gearbox and r32 diff Nismo 2 way
  6. help me work out full boost

    that sucks was told should be able 2
  7. as above have a dyno sheet and wanted 2 no if anyone could work out when it hits full boost (25psi) run was in 4th gear help me please cheers dave
  8. Hey guy just after some info on rocker arm clearance I'm running his step 3 cams 264 in, 272 ex 11.5 mm lift cheer dave
  9. Launceston and it will be dyno tuning Just seeing if any1 is keen then dates will be set
  10. As above I've been talking 2 Powertune thinking I might bring them down 2 tune my car need 2 others cars 2 make it work let me know if any1 is keen they can do pump fuel or e85 I'll get prices up how much it will be ASAP cheers dave