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    Unfortunately the offset injectors are required because it only runs 4 out of the 8 ports until about 4000rpm, specifically for torque.
  2. Project "Baller" - The quest to break 1000hp..

    almost is still not over... The joy of a real project is doing it by yourself, increasing your knowledge, improving your skills, accepting your mistakes, but most importantly its doing it for yourself, your way, your time. I think everyone will agree youve stayed true to these ideals. btw, keep it you slacker.. your still beating me
  3. Wreckers?

    As above, rung a few places with very limited responses, even about the gbox Surely there has to a s13 auto somewhere... not like they are worth anything, thats probably the reason though.
  4. What ever happened to that thread??? There is going to be a back to back dyno performance at next months silvia nationals.. be there
  5. major loss in power: CA18det

    actually, its not a actuator, its a vacuum tank. its job is not actually controlling the butterflies, its job is to retain vacuum once the intake transfer over to positive pressure. this vacuum actually closes the aux butterflies, with is all controlled via a small elect solenoid triggered via the ecu. Fortunately by design, if the actual actuator, which is actually located on the engine, ceases to work, the aux are already in an open state, due to the vacuum working to actually close them. And their job, is to increase intake velocity at low rpm which in turn increases the torque. Nice resume... maybe stick to steering
  6. Project "Baller" - The quest to break 1000hp..

    Not another August to come and go?? I cant talk really.
  7. CA18DET fuel rail adapter

    ya.. though with adaptor shown Id say youd have the same issue with no room to get the hoes on comfortably??
  8. CA18DET fuel rail adapter

    afaik the sr and ca are compatable in terms of 'bolt on' to the rails, the problem arrises from the return hard line points towards the engine when using the sr one on a ca.
  9. niscort

    not much going on.. getting there slowly, have managed to start another project in the meantime
  10. flywheel difference

    silvia wise there may be a part listing difference in fast, but there is certainly a difference if talking generally about ca18s
  11. no vac and 36psi is the setting
  12. Tie-rod ends

    Antonio its the quality of the actual rod end itself that you pay money for, which companies like ikeya/tein would buy in anyhow.. and unless you know what your looking at or have an actual manufactures part number for the end its very hard to tell a $5 heim joint to a $120 one. Pretty certain cheap ebay/wrecker/chinese import crap dont spend coin on good parts to make their profits from. Scary when you think of all the people driving around thinking they have some superior suspension upgrade.
  13. Couldnt agree more... I would hardly call it 'back to back' testing without the full details, its about as factual as a hypergear dyno sales pitch.