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    EG hatch / sss

    Not that fat, but will be low once slammed. 15 x 8.5 -2 SSR Professor I'll take moar pics once they are fitted properly.
  2. S13 owner..

    Cheers for the replies guys... She is a manual, thank god. I tried multiquoting but failed pretty bad, sorry for not replying to each of you! Car has some new goodies on it, I will make a members ride thread soon and post them all there! Thanks for the welcome.
  3. S13 owner..

    Sup guys, Names Justin. I'm 19 and studying to be a Journalist. I write for The Circuit, an Australian Motorsport / lifestyle mag. I enjoy lots of things, one being cars. Second being wheels, oh how I love wheels. I spent the past year or so building a few Corolla SX's, also owned a Levin (20 valve) in that time and a few Civics. I really enjoy the FR goodness, No idea why the f**k I didn't buy a sil to start with. Anyway, pics. I'll take some snazzy ones with the fiancee's slr soon (meaning she'll take them and i'll pretend i did...jokes) Silvia Q. First things first, a few people off here have told me I have some rare oem bumper lip extension. It's whack, the whoel gunmetal part of the front bar comes off, it's like a fulll bumper mask. Any ideas? has optional skirts, wing, climate control, window visors, blah blah. Love the colour too! Bonus': Car is running Tociko blues all around with some odd JDM spring. Stiff as f**k and handles great. Also running a huge JDM catback. No idea on brand, will find out soon anyway, first things first, offset. 15 x 7 -1 SSR longchamp XR4 Then for the rear 15 x 8.5 +2 SSR Professor SP1R From here on, drive it hard, then mod it to suit how I drive. Camber / castor etc will follow soon. Look forward to contributing to NS!