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  1. My Mechanic Totalled my car

    ^ great idea. it wont be a S15, but at least u savaged something out of it. Also, check if this mechanic friend of yours has a hot daughter or not. some form of non monetary debt repayment arrangement could be made
  2. My Mechanic Totalled my car

    what good is taking the guy to court???? you win, judge says he has to pay u. he sees his weekly income (or lack of) and says he pays via instalment of $10 a week. u guys are sounding that by dragging the guy to court u'll be able to get money off him. it wont. theres a reason why insurance is offered as a product. to cover for the UNEXPECTED. not having insurance is a risk u took,ur decision, and unfortunately the risk of potential loss is now realised. insurance companies always give u at least a couple of weeks before payment is due.