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  1. I have the Rare S13 tweeter + cover for them as they came out as a audio package eg. kenwood or pioneer from the dealer. I flush mounted my tweeters into the dooor skin before I got the factory tweeter cover and it does the job =)
  2. Octane boosters

    Doesn't the Silvia's owners in the State run 91 and tune for 91 even with powered SR20DET? Tune the car for 91 octane and service the fuel filter often.
  3. +1 on GKTECH Got the Gktech split dump pipe years ago and never had any issue, Recently bought a bellmouth dump pipe from Gktech like 2 weeks ago because went external wastegate setup. Service and response is amazing plus you get free stickers from Greg =) How could any one hate Greg and Gktech?
  4. My Mate had an almighty S13 and had the key with it, was square in gold stated "Almighty Silvia" I have a spare 180sx key with the barrel, one day I will change it =p
  5. s13 window shields?

    LOL at my picture of the rare rear visor 180sx weather sheilds does not fit s13 as the s13 is longer can ask your Nissan dealership to find the part if they still stock them? I know Nissan still stocks 180sx version I sold my s13 visor for $50 because I thought it would fix my 180sx =(
  6. Rare s13 options/parts

    collection is getting bigger, I better stop S13 Factory tweeter cover with tweeters Will post picture of the item fitted to my car soon S13 Factory optional Knee pad Might have to halt on collecting more optional items as I need to save up for a new turbo soon =(
  7. Rare s13 options/parts

    nice buy I swear every single S13's owners want a cupholder, Nissan should of made it factory non optional.
  8. Looks to be B-wave wing looks just like the bomex wangan wing but has a pointer end
  9. Rare s13 options/parts

    Update to my collection Arm extension/CD holder (not cup holder) can't buy this new since the 90's Brand new 180sx weather shield (yes you can still buy these new and bastard to fit)
  10. Rare s13 options/parts

    I seen a few for sale but didn't know you can import them because of the airbag device
  11. lachlans 88 coupe

    Arrhhh hahaha my old ca lip is still rolling around and looking better than ever your Veilside Andrew rims was my fav You shoyld find another set of 5zigen rims
  12. Hi I'm goign to try to use the S13 fog switch to work with my aftermarket fog kit These 6 pins at the back, Found out the middle 2 pins are the lights for the switch anyone got diagram or know the other 4 pins are for? I will post a picture soon
  13. OMG thats one insane build project you're super picky and super pedantic You and Silbeer (Perth most pedantic Silvia) should team up and take over the world with your pedantic power Good job and thumbs up for not giving up Hat off to you sir
  14. s13 ashtray

    Just buy optional Nissan cup holder makes life easily, i use to have the same problem unit i got those cup holders do not buy those aftermarket cup holder, they will ruin your vents
  15. Fu*k my life...

    Dude I had the same issue like 4 years ago Such fail I had my hand brake up but left it in N I heard a big bang and ran out and saw my car kissing the garage door Buff the paint marks off and she was fine Lesson learnt, always leave it in gears Can't trust the S series handbrake system, they use calipers hand brake system