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  1. Vic Plates- S15200 - $750

    Price : $750 Condition : Used hey guys, have number plates for sale, S15200 - awesome plates for S15. i sold the car 3 years ago, so plates havent been seen in a long time! make them yours! andrew 0403 196 115 melb - sth eastern suburbs
  2. does anyone know if the motor/regulator on the s15 power windows in interchangable with that of a s14???
  3. s15 window

    i did happen to find that rubber button that you where talking bout... i tried all types of theories in regards to getting it to work... did you know the exact step by step process... thanks mate.. much appreciated.
  4. hey guys, had promblems with my drivers side window a while back, the window when going up in (auto) mode would reach the top, then come down, erratically... only in auto mode, if i held the button up it would go up and down correctly... but in auto mode by clicking button down, the window would go spastic... anyway, the motor and reg finally shit itself as the motor starting whinging soon after. i replaced the motor reg unit, and now its still the same problem... any ideas???? why does it do this???
  5. Dump pipe s15

    go with the gktech setup.. save your cash, i have one, thing has stood the test of time with me.... GREGS the man!
  6. g'day bud, reason why there so expensive. is because they are a dual mass flywheel... s15's came ut with dual mass.. as 14 had a single mass, pretty much there for a smoother ride with less vibrations e.t.c. i had same promblems as your describing.... i went with a organic setup on mine with a good clamping load, thing bites really good. its a exedy setup with a single mass flywheel (lightened) payed like 1500-1600 for the kit. and an extra couple hundred to fit it with local mechanic . regardless mate.. your gonna have to fork out dosh! but run a search to see what other setup's people have and the prices they paid.
  7. Please Delete this Post !

    whats so funny? kid wants to ask a question..... who cares if he wants to block it off. flutter a.k.a compressor surge is said to be bad.. but i had i block off my bov on my old ride, only thing it done, was my head in... after a while that is, at the start was fun n sh*t. but you will get sick of it after a whle. to block it off, just use a coke bottle cap, or large bolt to plug up inside the rubber hose on the air intake side... and the same on the inlet manifold side.
  8. s15 boot sub enclosure

    top install buds.... ive scene those oneson ebay, yours looks quite similar. good work
  9. S15 Engine

    y not a spec s??? there cheaper!
  10. both do the same job!
  11. wolf v4

    has anyone changed the coilpacks in there 15 to ones from a 14.... heard 14 coilpacks are a better option, keeping in mind the rocket cover needs changing too.
  12. Hey peoples, just wondering if anyone has had problems with there coilpacks on there s15 running a Wolf V4 ECU, if heard there cactus, and that s14 are the go, keeping in mind you must change rocket covers as well. thanks for the help guys.
  13. wolf v4

    peoples, have a wolf going in a s15. rumor has it, s15 coil packs are cactus. just wondering if anyone has feedback on them. cheers
  14. flutter still with the bov

    comp surge ROCKS!!!!! full bunny styles
  15. Light Mods

    go sickkkkkkkkkkk... pump, injectors, ECU, FMIC, TURBS.... still good for a daily driving!!!! lol