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  1. NA Onevia Project *NEW RIMS*

    Hey Blake, I'll hit you with a PM when I'm done with my OneVia conversion. Your new Silvia - is it NA or turbs? Anyways, another little update: I've been talking to a few people from SNSW and I have finally found someone suitable to swap front ends with...that is to say I'm finally doing a Onevia conversion. Secondly, I've also finally purchased rims. They are on their way from Canberra now so I will take some photos when they arrive. Suffice to say, however, they AREN'T chrome, and they AREN'T Tempe Specials! They are lightweight Jap one-piece racing rims, 17".
  2. Lets Put Up Some Wicked Crash Pics

    You win the prize.
  3. ** help my car got stolen **

    Sorry to hear you have had no luck mate. It makes me even more apprehensive about car security because this is my area!
  4. 180sx MEGA PARTS SALE Thread

    Very sorry to hear you are leaving the S13 scene... I'll take the shift knob. PM sent.
  5. Regardless of whether or not this thread is a joke or not, I can't believe that some people actually do things like this. How f**king IRRESPONSIBLE are some people to endanger others lives. SEVEN PEOPLE in a 180...they barely fit FOUR! Shame on you if you did actually do this...you should have had your licence immediately suspended and be sent to prison in my opinion.
  6. ** help my car got stolen **

    Holy shit I know this car, I have seen it parked around North Sydney. I will DEFINITELY keep a look out for it. SCUM OF THE EARTH THIEVES! Mate I've also posted this on silviansw.com, there are a lot more folk from the North Shore on there who will be able to keep a look out (topic is at http://forum.silviansw.com/viewtopic.php?p=227115#227115).
  7. Looking for casual work that pays alright

    Yeah but hang on, a 1st year and 2nd year greasemonkey gets paid that because they are an APPRENTICE > leading somewhere, learning a trade. David Jones = No future.
  8. Hey guys, I unofficially quit my current job today (working at David Jones), as I was getting paid $8.90 an hour to do 40 hour weeks. Shithouse conditions, no real recognition of hard work. f**k them! So I'm looking for another job, and my plan of attack is to stay away from large chains or franchises as they usually pay the award rate. I'm 17, when I'm 18 in February I might go for a bar job, but until then I need a job in the interim. Does anyone have any suggestions of places that may have positions vacant in the North Sydney/North Shore/Beaches area where the conditions aren't shit and the pay is alright? Cheers, Pete.
  9. NA Onevia Project *NEW RIMS*

    Okay, I guess it's time for a little update... My S13 has been going really well. Today it is getting new DBA slotted rotors and new Lucas pads put in as the rotors were way below minimum. It's also getting a service! Anyway, mods wise, I'm currently saving for a respray and kit. I'm torn as to whether to try and keep the Nismo front bar and search for side skirts and rear bar extension or whether to go full Vertex. See the problem is as follows: my Nismo FB was reversed into a few times by some anonymous f**kwits, so it's all cracked and looking, well frankly, it's looking nasty! I could see my car looking wicked yet unoriginal with a same-colour respray and Vertex kit, and some springs and rims to boot. I'm working pretty long hours at the moment for shit-f**k-all to finance my mods, but yes, it's a long road ahead of me. So currently, in order of priority, the mods list is as follows: 1. Rims 2. Respray 3. Kit 4. Springs + Shocks 5. Autech S15 SR20DE I'll take some photos tomorrow of the new brakes when I get it back!
  10. What Type Of Petrol Do You Use

    I only use Vagina-Power and my Sil is N/A.