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  1. um damn

    get a whole repray out of him george
  2. steering wheel shakes

    get tyres balanced mite find a rim is slightly bukled or just need new tyres
  3. Free Car Photoshoot!

  4. i have,il post up other pic 2moro johnny
  5. Free Car Photoshoot!

    he did my car nice job bro
  6. Nicest Cars on NS.com

    il show sum bling you haters out there
  7. Turbos

    CRD have cheap prices look at traders ads
  8. Drags tomorrow night

    45 dollars to enter , race,you u need to wear long sleeve top and pants,helmet,thats basically it
  9. Turbos

    yeh i got my gt2871r of horsepowerinabox. morrie is a top bloke
  10. Power FC Dyno Tuning

    HITMAN in penrith
  11. Where can i Get This?

    jetspeed make the copies,where u located mate
  12. just got back was ok,nice driftn of brendo i like in macas car park ,strippers was yum ,the blondie
  13. see you guys there at the meetup