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  1. Me.

    Sorry everyone.. accidently on my brothers account. pretend i just wrote that^ Cheers again - Ryan
  2. Me.

    Oranas? can you be more specific? I can go for the apprenticeship after a year of work.. or even now.
  3. Me.

    Well at this stage im not a big uni fan.. even if i got a 98 TER i wouldnt go to uni, so i figure this year is a waste of money and time, so im going to work this year then probley get an apprenticeship next year. If anyone has any suggestions as to where i could find a job or even an apprenticeship in the car industry PM me or just post it up. Cheers - Ryan.
  4. Me.

    Hey everyone my name is Ryan, i am in year 12 at sacred heart college senior, i am 17 on the 20th of march, and i LOVE IMPORT CARS. Right now i have a 84 TRX Bluebird, that i recently crashed so i bent the axel, which i should b getting fixed soon hopefully. My plan is to drop out of year 12 -soon- get a job and put all my money towards a R32 Gts-t i'd love a GTR but thats death on wheels for Ryan. I plan to become a much more present member of Nissansilvia.com and attend most if not all of the cruises. So if anyone see's a red trx bluebird crashing into some curbs.. come say hello! -Ryan (Will try 2 get pics of the Bluebird soon) *EDITED