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  1. Engine Coolant in Cab

    btw. I have a digital climate control and loom for sale if anyone is interested. PM me. Scott
  2. Engine Coolant in Cab

    Each to his own. I have no plans to sell the car. I've only got 240rwkw. Hopefully it will still qualify? I have plans to lighten even more components so removing the air is not a major concern for me. (and let's just say that i have lightened it even before bothering with this procedure).
  3. Engine Coolant in Cab

    Well it's all out now. I've connected the hoses so coolant no longer enters the cabin (or heater unit). I've also stripped all the wiring for the stereo and air. ie from under dash and throughout the car. I got a little lost at the fuse box so there are probably wires going to nowhere. Unfortunately my fuse cover is in Jap so I couldn't even tell which fuses to pull at the very least. (The few Dead Ends are taped up). i How much weight have I removed? I don't know but I personally lost several litres of fluid and little bit of blood here and there. While the dash is out I might accidently take a mould of it. Cheers Scott
  4. Engine Coolant in Cab

  5. Engine Coolant in Cab

    I might have some dramas with windows fogging up but also heat. Heat doesn't truly worry me as my aircon has never really worked anyway. Cheers
  6. Engine Coolant in Cab

    Thanks for the responses. Yeah. I figured I might just join those hoses. Heater, air and aircon are all gone. I am thinking I might create a fan of some sort to blow some air around the cab. How do I bleed the coolant system? Disconnect belts then turn pump? Cheers Scott
  7. Engine Coolant in Cab

    Hi, I'm stripping all the aircon crap out of my car (Given as I don't have the compressor anymore and windows provide more air than my vents ever did). Is it safe to re route the coolant that comes back into the cab so it bypasses the cab and the little radiator inside the air box? Also what should I do about air that has gotten into this system? (Already disconnected and much of the wiring is cut out and removed ) Cheers Scott
  8. RIMS

    Brake clearance??? offset, width, strength, weight.
  9. New PFC dramas. Pulse on 3&4 not 1&2

    Bump. Anyone? Someone must be familiar with this. Cheers Scott
  10. New PFC dramas. Pulse on 3&4 not 1&2

    Thanks Trent Ok. PFC is the right one for my engine (confirmed with Autobarn via PM). The PFC is brand new. My car is converted from sr20de to sr20det and the workshop has already installed the relay to provide power to the coils. The pulse is on ign cylinders 3&4. Inj pulse to all four. Cheers Scott
  11. Hi, My car is down the workshop getting a few things installed but they have hit a brick wall with the PFC. The serial number is SR20 14020-0392 and I cannot relate this to the manual which shows 414-NO14 as being the correct number. (which I cannot find another serial number on the PFC). The end result is that they are getting pulses on 3 and 4 but not 1 & 2 (or vice versa). The stock computer provides a pulse to all 4. Have I got the wrong PFC????? Scott