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  1. as topic states, how do i measure the PCD and offset of rims?
  2. Soft Glass?

    Cheer guys
  3. Hey Guys, I was just getting a quote for my car to get tinted, AUDI A4 and he's just increased the quote an extra $150 because... "it's a European car and they tend to have softer glass which increases the risk of cracking when handled" Now... this to me sounds like a crock of sh*t. Can anyone back this up? or has anyone heard of this?? Cheers
  4. Holy cow guys!

    holy crap... you're running that much boost and making so much power but only using a manual boost tap? i'd invest in an EBC before you pop another motor!
  5. Hey Guys, can anyone recommend someone/somewhere that does tinting, i'm looking to get my Jeep tinted but in the darkest tint. 5% dark Cheers
  6. Samsung mobile phone owners

    U600 and U700 are now the slimmest. I have a U600 Ultra II and it's rad i downgraded from u700 to u600 u700 is too fiddly with the touch buttons... u600 lets you customise msg tone too which the u700 never let you do it only cost me $360 on ebay (postage included too)
  7. Hey Guys, I've got a T28 off a ADM S15 with all oil and water lines, just wondering if the lines will match up on the Redtop SR motor? As long as i'm using the stock exhaust manifold it should be ok? as its all mounted as standard
  8. Funny idol

    rotation idle?
  9. thats ture it might not happen str8 away but sooner or later it will happen LOL, happened to me the other night it's funny now... but not at the time
  10. Battery Drained

    thanks for the input guys! now that i know it's a problem i can't fix it's going to the auto sparky tomorrow!
  11. Battery Drained

    Hey Guys, Every morning i go to start my car the battery is dead. It's a brand new battery and the alternator has been tested and is fine. So i got my test light and put it up to all the fuses (ignition off) and found just about all the fuses had amps running through it! I've highlighted in yellow what fuses have amps running through in the diagram below. What should and shouldn't have amps running through? can someone else please compare to their car? seems like the accesories could be hardwired? ARGH!
  12. quick one guys, will the S15 exhaust manifold fit on a S13 redtop?
  13. Paint Code for MIDNIGHT PURPLE

    Holden VY SS purple
  14. i had a very similair problem you have described. i found out that it was my Z32 AFM being located too close to the turbo and everytime i backed off the accelerator from high revs the kick back would mess up the AFM readings causing my car to drop to mega low revs or sometimes even stall! i had no intake pipe and had the AFM straight off the turbo and was told to install a intake pipe and get the AFM far from the turbo as possible. problem solved! heres a crappy diagram i drew in paint, good luck. edit: just read your recent post, spewing about the rebuild
  15. s13 digital clock

    mines stays backlit 24/7 for some reason, it could be hard-wired so... could that be the reason why my battery is dead every morning? could a little backlight leech all my battery power overnight?