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  1. Button on auto stick

    No he means that little button that's parallel with the stick. Does it have an orange bit on it? I think I know what you mean but I also don't know what it does.
  2. Quick question

    Thanks for the help guys. One last thing, what exactly is the difference between the sizes?
  3. Quick question

    Yeah that's what I've got my mind set on, I'm just checking what size I need and if there's a better alternative.
  4. Quick question

    I just have a quick (and probably stupid) question. I have an s13 with an sr20de in it and I am looking to get a new air filter, but the thing is there's so many to choose from. What I wanted to know is which sizes/model will fit and also which one should I go with? Money isn't really a factor because I want something decent here but it can't be overly expensive.