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  1. New FG Falcon V8 supercar

    looks like one of those ridiculous aussie racing cars
  2. a "romantic" dinner

    try a roast, they are easy as piss and look like youve put in an awesome effort. do some potatoes, roast tomatoes and maybe some capsicum and throw on some rosemary, salt, pepper while cooking !! you can buy em from coles, with instructions on the packet and the glazed or marinated ones are pretty tasty !!
  3. Balaclava's in Public.

    do you have a real ugly head ?
  4. 382kw (497hp) CA18det

    Dont worry Mobne In Australia we have a culture of insecurity, people have to group together to feel stronger as one, of singular mind. This gives the group the strength to critisize others who make their own choice different to the groups one true belief. Its the cult of the SR20. Because the 10% capacity increase of the SR20, @ 400kw would make it just dreamy to drive. haha so so true
  5. Formula1

    woo webber fourth what a great result but yeah lewis hamilton doesnt have personality, unless spoilt brat counts as personality
  6. check out mah cake!

    that is an awesome cake !
  7. Balaclava's in Public.

    do you get a cold nose or are you gonna rob a bank
  8. need 4 speed

    180 + then hitting the speed limiter
  9. Logo ftw

    maybe with the text over the mop handle
  10. take the plastic out. both s13s ive owned had no plastic or rust ?
  11. Splendour 2008

    some people must like the line up from the amount of people that tried to buy tickets !
  12. got owned

    cable ties and more duct tape. problem solved
  13. Guy has sex with his car!?!

    HAHA just got this email. anybody here taken that extra step !!
  14. rather than some goose who doesnt know the difference between stock wheels, intercooler, turbos etc and aftermarket
  15. Replacing a CA20 slave cylinder?

    having owned a pintara for a few years i cant beleive anyone would swap a CA18 for a CA20. possibly one of the least responsive engines ever