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  1. yeah i had an s15 sr20det AFM in it previously, and just wired in an NA one, and it hasn't really helped at all when you say spark, do you mean spark plug stuff ? (i apologise in advance for anything i may not understand.. i'm extremely new with this stuff lol)
  2. also it idles very low, i'd say around 500rpm (hard to tell, my tacho is very jumpy) sounds like it's about to stall
  3. G'day! Just had my 180 fixed up and registere, but i'm still having a few issues It has absolutely no guts, as far as i know the motor is in good condition, but the acceleration is extremely slow, if i rev it over 3k rpm, (most of the time) it starts to shit itself, and slow down, to the point where it does not accelerate any more and if it actually makes it over 3k rpm, it stops reving/accelerating at 4k rpm even when it's in neutral, if i rev it up to 4, won't go any further any ideas/suggestions ? Cheers
  4. NA 180SX BUILD

    couple of flicks
  5. NA 180SX BUILD

    gday gday so about 3 years ago i bought an sr20de (swapped) 1989 180sx... nice and clean, no mods, awesome car and since then, ive encountered some issues being a new car owner, and a little ignorant, i drove the car around for about 6 months, making a few little changes here and there.. bought bc br coilovers, type x lights, some rota grids, a 3" catback (oops..) put some speakers, just basic stuff ended up losing my license, and the night before i went to court and lost it for 16 months, i blew a hole in the block.. from then, i had look at putting another motor in. a mate of mine told me one of his mates was looking at selling his s15 sr20de VCT mentioning itd come out of his s13 so itd be an easy swap, had low km's, i decided bugger it, ill grab it and whack it in tried swapping it with a few boys at my mates warehouse, a few of them knew their cars pretty well, so i thought yeah itd be smooth sailing. unfortunately at this time, i was still pretty ignorant, and they just got to work, as i had no idea what they were doing, i lost track... they got the motor in, on to the mounts, and that was the end of that... months went past, i didnt know what had been done, or what needed to be done so i paid another mate of a mate (more than i think i should have) to get it running, which he did, but not well so went off to another mechanic, who charged me lots and kept it for months to do next to nothing, then it went to foced motorworx (for those who are farmiliar in melbourne) after i had a rwc, and they completed just about everything else that needed to be done, but it still accelerates poorly, and cuts acceleration / revs at 4k rpm, and if i push it too hard up hills, it starts to lose power. if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this issue, thatd be awesome id love to get it running properly, so i can post some stuff that actually improves the car, not just fixes it sorry for the essay, thanks for reading H